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    The Swiss shoe designer luxury brand and patron of the arts, Bally, is pleased to present their new web-magazine...



    The Swiss shoe designer luxury brand and patron of the

    arts, Bally, is pleased to

    present their new web-magazine.

    Run by Thomas Erber, the magazine goes from design

     stories to travel reportages where lifestyle subjects are closely related to art, efinement and the everlasting cutting-edge notions of function and modernity

     accompanied by those of creativity, ingenuity and innovation.


    Thomas Erber, journalist and curator of « Cabinet of Curiosities »,

    gathered a witty editorial team composed of Clara Le Fort, Elina

    Kechicheva and Olivier Amsellem, amongst other

    prestigious signatures.

    The platform also hosts « Under Construction, by Jérôme

     ans », a web-series of interviews, turning to those who make art and design today.


    The magazine goes “further than a branding blog. With this platform we wanted to

     voice the message of design specialists and lifestyle experts, always

    keeping in mind Bally’s values” says Anne-Marie Gaultier, Vice President, Global

    Marketing and Communications, Bally.


    One of the main qualities of this catching and interactive web magazine

    is also to follow the fascinating story of the yearlong travelling exhibitions cycle « Bally

     celebrates Modernist Design ». A full coverage of the first exhibition FORM


    SCRATCH happened in Basel is available and insights from the second

    one happening in Miami will soon be revealed. Curated by Anissa Touati, this first

     xhibition by artists duo Kolkoz celebrated modernity, function and innovation,

     through the work of Pierre Jeanneret and Jean Prouvé, inventors of modernist

     architecture and design. On the occasion of Art Basel Miami 2014, Kolkoz

     are inviting the American artist Zak Kitnick to celebrate the modernist legacy.


    In anticipation of this next flamboyant and engaging event, follow the whole

     experience on the magazine!




    « Bally celebrates Modernist Design », the year long


    exhibitions cycle is composed of a collection of modern


    furniture pieces (of Pierre Jeanneret and Jean Prouvé),


    exhibitions by contemporary artists (in Basel, Miami

    and Shanghai) and of a specific digital magazine called


    Function and Modernity”: www.functionandmodernity.com .












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